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A tool to develop UI for using within Share?

Question asked by a_kholodkov on Jan 19, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2013 by jego

I`ve learned Alfresco for a couple of months and I`ve understood basis concepts of the system.
Now I`m going to do more complicated extensions for using within Share (new custom pages etc.).

I want to take someone existed Share page group (i.e. "My workflow") and create onto its my own page group (i.e. "My projects").
But I am challenged by complexity existed Share UI components.
They seem like created by using some frameworks  (i.e. YUI).
It`s very hard to undestand their and to use in my own UI-components.

Can anybody advice me a tool to develop UI for Share? It would be fine if with this tool I can use existed share UI modules.
I know that I can use "pure html, js etc." to create all needed extensions without using existed ones.
But I suppose this isn`t also the best way.

Thanks in advance!