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Intelliant OCR

Question asked by melttech on Jan 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by zaizi

I tried free open source Intelliant1.1 for OCR. I installed it and try to execute ocr test.tif in the directory where i put my scanned image.

the command executed, print CR progress: page 0/0 and terminate.

When i checked test.pdf, it was a blank pdf.

Do version 1.1 function like this?

When i try Intelliant v2 in trial version. Everything is fine.

Someone familiar with Intelliant or other FREE OPEN SOURCE OCR, please share your experiance with me. I tired free OCR but how can i do the conversion with command lines beside using GUI.

(im ready to develop some code rather than buying)

I just wanna add a simple OCR features in Alfresco and seeking possiblities on how doing it as simple as possible and without buying.