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Link the Document Library of a site with Repository files

Question asked by theeye on Jan 21, 2013

I'm thinking about a way to link the files from a Document Library inside a site with Repository files.

2 dox and 1 ppt files are located at Repository->Data->Public->Project X
Now I'm creating a new site "Project X". To use the already existing files, I copy the files from  Repository->Data->Public->Project X to Repository->Sites->Project X.

Now I'm able to define rules for the Project X belonging to the site (Repository->Sites->Project X) to copy new and updated files from Repository->Sites->Project X to Repository->Data->Public->Project X and it's although possible to delete files in Repository->Data->Public->Project X, which are deleted in Repository->Sites->Project X.

This way the files in Repository->Data->Public->Project X are always up-to-date. But is there another way to link these files? I would like to find a solution for this case:

Someone is looking into Repository->Data->Public->Project X and edits one of the docs (for whatever reasons). Is it possible to link the files in a way, to update the doc in Repository->Sites->Project X?