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Loading 20k Users

Question asked by martyphee on Oct 21, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2010 by afaust
A third party created a java application to load users using the api (/api/people/).  Currently we building out a QA environment and loading about 20k users.  This is after create 20+ share sites, loading content, creating groups, and setting up categories.

Right now the script is loading users at a rate of 0.3/users per sec.  Obviously extremely slow.

Is there a quicker way to load them?  I'm still learning the api and other tools available.

Machines are (two of them) a HP G6 (I think).  6 cores, 24gig memory,  1gig eth, RHEL 5, 64bit, Oracle RAC and two mirrored disks (15k I believe).  The content is on an NFS mount (which does introduce latency), but the indexes are local.  I did try moving content to a local mount and it was a significant enough improvement.

My best guess is the indexing is causing contention and slowing the process down.