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Error in catalina.out

Question asked by buxtonmarauder on Oct 21, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2010 by buxtonmarauder
I'm getting a repeated error in catalina.out

ERROR: org.alfresco.wcm.client.util.impl.GuestSessionFactoryImpl - Repository not available: Cannot access http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/cmis: Connection refused

When I installed (using the pre-packaged installer of the community edition) I changed the default port to 8888.

/alfresco works fine
/share works fine

I grepped for the string assuming it was in an XML file somewhere

find ./ -exec grep ":8080/alfresco/service/cmis" '{}' /dev/null \; -print

..but it's not to be found..

Why would something be looking for this URL and where do I stop/change it ?