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Changing default search bar to search properties

Question asked by bengrah on Oct 25, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2010 by bengrah
Hi all

One of the requirements we've been looking into is searching using properties. For example someone may know the contract no. of a contract, and use that to search for the document. Obviously we can do this by surfacing the option to search on that property using customisations to Advanced Search. But to try and make things easier for the user, we're wondering if you can customise the default search bar in Explorer to also check the search query against a specific property. That way we don't have to make the search process longer for the user by having the click through to Advanced Search and so forth.

We're envisioning that the user should be able to search on a lot of properties, so loading up Advanced Search with all sorts of search bars to search against different properties isn't exactly ideal. Any idea if this can be done? Thanks