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Creating a new WCM workflow

Question asked by dafyddjames on Oct 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2011 by romschn

I'm currently using 3.1.2 and I'd like to create a new WCM workflow that allows me to make use of the auto-deploy feature that doesn't seem to appear unless you're using a workflow for submission in your web project. All existing workflows seem to involve review/submission and I don't want that step in my workflow.

I've been reading the wiki docs but some things aren't clear:

  • where should I store my process definition XML? I don't want to store it inside the exploded webapp (so that I don't mix up core alfresco code with the code that I've written), can I store it inside the extension directory somewhere?

  • the workflow-context.xml file inside WEB-INF is quite different to the workflow-context.xml.sample file in the extension directory; it has no specific workflow definitions, and a lot more beans are defined than in the sample file. Am I doing the right thing if I rename workflow-context.xml.sample to workflow-context.xml?
Thanks for help in advance! :D