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Will Alfresco work for me?

Question asked by skiani on Oct 27, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2012 by mt-haw

I'm working on a new startup with limited funds and considering if Alfresco will work for our primary document management system. We going to be developing a life sciences product development so I need traceability, support for diverse file types, and a cross-platform environment (Windows and Linux). I have installed the community version (3.4.a) on Ubuntu 10.10 accepting all the defaults. I had a slew of questions that maybe someone can help me with:

1. When I go to create a new site type I only have the options for Collaboration Site, is there not a document management site in the community version?
2. One of the critical type of files I need to manage are large (10-100mb) and they are used in sets. Think of them as linked files that have to be all opened at once by the application. Even if I want to just edit one of the files they all have to be available in read-only format. I really need the files to be sync'ed locally for this to work well. Is there a way to do any of this in Alfresco?
3. The compute power required for the server seems pretty high, looks like about 2Gb of ram and one CPU is pegged full time with soffice process. What would I need to support 15 users and the large file I'm talking about?
4. Is there a way to force versioning of all files? I seem to be able to edit and delete files at will without any trace. It seems I can mark a single file to keep history but I want to say everything in the site/folder.
5. When I try to preview files in the webclient I get "Preview can not be loaded from server" for .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .ods, .xlsx, and .xls. For .jpg files I get preview. And for .odg files (Openoffice drawing format which we use extensively for system design) I get "This document can't be previewed." Do I have something miss configured?
6. Is there anyway to pull/push meta data to/from the document directly. Ideally this is bi-direction and allows for custom fields like document number. Is there any such facility in Alfresco?

Sorry the large number of questions, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.