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Webscript for Alfresco zimlet

Question asked by pp20218 on Oct 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2012 by louise
Hi All,

I am using the webscript for uploading the document from zimbra to alfresco. The application is working fine with Alfresco 3.2r but not working beyond 3.2r releases. Any help. I am posting the web scripts code.


  <shortname>About Alfresco</shortname>
  <description>Provides basic information about installed alfresco instance</description>
  <url format="json" template="/zimbra/about.json"/>
  <url format="html" template="/zimbra/about.html"/>
  <format default="json">extension</format>






<import resource="/Company Home/Data Dictionary/Web Scripts Extensions/org/alfresco/util/json.js">
<import resource="/Company Home/Data Dictionary/Web Scripts Extensions/org/alfresco/util/alfcommon.js">

var result = {};

result.version = server.version;

result.edition = server.edition;

result.userId =;

result.fullName = +;

model.result = result.toJSONString();

when I run this web script I am getting all the values as "undefined". 

Pls help. After 3.2r Webscript is moved to Spring Surf does that the problem??

Pls suggest.

Thanx in adv.