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Vector Diagram Editor?

Question asked by bspolarich on Oct 27, 2010
I'm currently using Confluence + Gliffy to enable one of my departments to create assembly instructions for our products that incorporate vector elements and images.  This is working well, although Gliffy doesn't provide much help in the way of version control for an entire space.  We're using the publishing plugin, which does at least provide atomicity of updates to the live site.

However one of my other groups is looking for something akin to traditional document management for engineering-controlled documents (AutoCAD, MSWord, Excel) in a typical ISO-9000 change control model.  Alfresco would be a good choice here I suspect.

We also have Sharepoint, only somewhat adopted as an Intranet with some benefits info, a new hire form via InfoPath, and a couple of small groups using it as an interaction point.

I'm seeing a proliferation of tools that I have to maintain and support, but not a lot of obvious points of convergence.