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Extend resultpage of keywordsearch

Question asked by wolfgang.freund on Nov 2, 2010
Hi there,

we use alfresco community 3.4, and implemented the keyword search in out intranet. We call the keywordsearch over following URI:

This works fine, but i would like to make some adjustments. The result page only gives a list of direct links to a file. I want the result to be a direct link, but also a link to the space where the file is located.
The template for the file ist 'keywordsearch.get.html.ftl'. In this file are some placeholders like ${}. Is there also a variable for the space?
Where are theses variables documented?

And second thing i want to ask:
I use the tagging feature in alfresco. But I am not able to search for these tags, via the above mentioned URI. Is there a way to extend this searchfunction to also search for tags?

Hope anybody can help.

Thanks a lot, cheers