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Inheritance of Parent Space Permissions not set in RM 3.4b

Question asked by aman on Nov 2, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by aman
I'm posting this here first before raising it as a bug, just in case I'm being dumb!

I've performed a fresh Alfresco 3.4b install on W2K3 (don't event try 3.4a if you're interested in CIFS on a Windows server), and have setup RM and imported the Example DOD site data.  I've added 'admin' to the Records Manager group.  So far so good - admin can browse the FIleplan and file records, etc.
The problem is with other users viewing the contents of the RM site.

I've added my test user to the Records User group.  But when this user accesses the FIleplan, they see no content (at all).
I've discovered that this is because, when viewed from Alfresco Explorer, all the RM site spaces below the "documentLibrary" node DO NOT have the "Inherit parent space permissions" ticked.  i.e. they have no space users defined.  It I tick this, lo and behold, my users can see that space/content in RM!

They same problem occurs even when I create a new Series/Category/Folder (as admin) from within RM.  When I go back to Alfresco Explorer and check, it wasn't created with Inherit Parent Permissions set, so again, no one can see it.  Interestingly, if I create a Space under the RM documentLibrary directly from Explorer, it IS created with "inherit parent permissions" set, so it seems like the RM module is doing this on purpose….

Is there a reason for this?  Is there something somewhere I'm meant to set?