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IP and Server Port from Javascript API

Question asked by hailpam on Nov 3, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2011 by uskiki85
Hi all,

I'm facing with a problem. My Share App works with HTML files transformed with FTL template by XML native vesion. The body of these HTML files contains links to relevant documents that I get directly from Alfresco Repository, thanks to Guest Download Servlet.
The production environment is builded with 2 Alfresco ASs (clustered) and 1 reverse proxy in front of them in order to balance the requests. Therefore, I need of IP and Server Port or also only the machine'IP where, for example, the HTML file was generated (dynamically by one of workflow steps).

Are there Javascript APIs (one or more tips) that allows me to retrieve dynamically IP? Are there some combinations of existing Javascript APIs that allows me to go back to the IP Machine?

Thanks in advance. Best Regards,

- Paolo