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Alfresco cluster with two Apps and one DB: can not open file

Question asked by itrub on Nov 3, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2010 by itrub
Dear colleagues
I have faced with the following problem. I configured Alfresco-cluster on three virtual Linux-instances: two Alfresco's 3.3 (let us name them A and B) "look" on the same mySQL-server on the third instance (that was written in on both A and B). Cluster works properly, excepted the following case. I log in as admin on A and loaded in some folder doc-file, then did logout. After that I login as admin on B, open the same folder. I see that file in folder, but when I try to open it by mouse click, I get the error message:
The node's content is missing:
node: workspace://SpacesStore/9ee664ca-fd44-4 … fe7f78cb34
reader: ContentAccessor[ contentUrl=store://2010/11/3/13/39/7613fc4b-13d6-4216-97cb-8efbd9733107.bin, mimetype=application/pdf, size=0, encoding=utf-8, locale=en_US]
Please contact your system administrator.

When I login on A again, file is opened completely correct in Word.
What is the reason of such behaviour? Perhaps, not only mySQL-server, but also dir.root-folder or some it's subfolders must be shared for application servers A and B? I think, I am not the first, who is suffered from this problem. Tell me please about your similar experience. Thanks in advance.
Sincerely, Iliya