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Strange preview problem with docs saved via SPP

Question asked by jmcooper on Nov 3, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2010 by piski
Running Alfresco Community 3.4a with Ubuntu 10.04 64bit server.

Share is working fine and the document viewers are working fine when I upload files via the Upload function (word, pdf, etc)

But when I create or modify a document in MS Word 2003 via the SharePoint emulator interface there is no preview available ( " This document can't be previewed. " )

It seems like something is not getting run for doc functions across SharePoint ???

Note: If I download the document which can't be previewed via the Share Web I/F, no changes, and simply upload it via the Share Web I/F with a new name … all is good …

Thanks for any advice on what to check …