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Redirecting to another document's details

Question asked by p3d3r0s0 on Nov 4, 2010
i'm using converting a document to another document in alfresco explorer, and i want to "browse" the new documents details.
I'm using this in my converting bean:

         this.browseBean.setDocument(new Node(tempNodeRef));
         this.browseBean.setupContentAction(tempNodeRef.getId(), true);
         outcome = "dialog:showDocDetails";
tempNodeRef is either the new document's reference or the old one's (if it doesn't need to be converted a new file doesn't need to be created).

The problem with this is that it does show the new document's details but when i close the new document's details i'm redirected to my converting bean's JSP and if i hit close again i go back to the old document's details and if i hit close one more time i'm finally taken to the space where both documents are.

I want to hit close, go to the new document's details and when i hit close again i should go back to the space where both documents are.
How can i do this?

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