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Alfresco on Postgresql + samba as files storage

Question asked by hubercior on Nov 5, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2010 by hubercior
I'm new to Alfresco and I would like to choose optimal program for file management. I work in geodesy. We use samba server (PDC) to store multipaged .tif (scans). It is about 70000 files ~500GB and each day this number increases. We would like to share files surveyor by internet.

So my main question is it is possible by alfresco ?
Alfresco is on mysql database we would like to use postgresql because we have a lot of information about files and jobs.
- how can i install alfresco on Postgresql ? May I have any problems with update Alfresco in future relases? How make postgresql structure for Alfresco ?

We have postgresql database which store the paths to scan (eg. W:\2010\189_10.tif )(putting .tif files to database will decrease database performance).So I uploading this scans to alfresco will decrease performance too.

I would like to Alfresco store only links to scans (which physically will be stored on samba share eg.:
\\server\scans\2010\129_10.tif )
and information about files.  All rest files propoerties/descriptions eg. type of geodesic work, we have on postgres so a would like to alfresco automatically load this info.   Our clients (surveyors) who wanted to see the scan could see this and all of its properties/descriptions.

Because multipaged .tifs  are not good for internet sharing we would like to alfresco automatically convert it from multipaged tiff to .PDF which is internet optimized file.

How can I do it ? It is possible to make it in Alfresco or better use another system like Liferay or something which I even don't know name ??

Could you give me links or other info how to install Alfrsesco on postgresql which packages I need (LINUX centos 5.5) and May I need any additional plugins to convert multipaged tiff to pdf and fast share by internet ????