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Alfresco and email

Question asked by shieldfire on Nov 6, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2010 by hap234
I am looking at Alfresco for a startup company (online-retail) which will handle a lot of small documents, as well as the actual products. I am looking at a seperate shop frontend software (possibly Oxid) and have two issues at this point.

* Email. I need email integration - Alfresco to pull email from an IMAP server into specific accounts on Alfresco depending on the email account it pulls mail from. Is this possible? Should I rather look at a seperate email client than something integrated in Alfresco? (I've been looking at emailcollector, but when I installed it on my lab server it seemed to fubar my admin password? -at least it wasn't possible to login after installation).

* CRM - is there a something integrating customer/contacts with stock housekeeping for Alfresco? I saw a project on Forge, but is seems like it hasn't released anything in a long while.

Any suggestions appreciated.