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Add own content types to Create Content menu

Question asked by huima on Nov 7, 2010
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by nancyaggarwal

I just started to do modifications to Share 3.4a ( Community ) and wondered whether people have experience on what is the proper way to add your own content types into Share's 'Create content'-menu?

As I read through the codebase, I found places where things happen:

- toolbar.lib.ftl template, which draws the menu and lists items, which have links to create content page

- create-content page which uses forms component and has hardcoded configuration to create cm:content

What I had in mind was an ugly hack:

1) hard code my own content item into the menu and create link to create-my-content page

2) create new page to share, which would instead of cm:content be creating our content type

As this includes writing over Share's own files, it does not feel quite good - but should work.

Does anyone else know a better way to do the same thing?