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Configuration of search-max-results not respected

Question asked by frank_d on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by frank_d

I have a difficult to understand problem with the configuration of the search in the web-client.

There are two configuration of the parameter search-max-results, one can be found in web-client-config.xml, the other in a custom .xml file that overrides some of the values in the default file:
<search-max-results>100</search-max-results> (overriden)

Regardless of both, the line in

int searchLimit = Application.getClientConfig(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance()).getSearchMaxResults();

only returns -1.

Clearly there is something incorrectly configured.
My question:

1)Are there other files that might overrule the searchLimit value? I can find no files in my workspace with the same xml-tag, except for the two already mentioned.
2)Perhaps my config files are not being read or in the wrong order. Where can I see the loading of these config files happening?