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Webclient UI improvements

Question asked by moshquit on Nov 8, 2010

we're implementing different content types, but, our customer is asking certain content types which characteristics make them difficult to implement in Alfresco, in order to get managed with webclient. There are two main requirements:

1) Some attributes with a visually selectable value, for example imagine a color picker, or other that you can select but internally have other values (values in constraint data model). Perhaps implementing a custom component to UI is the solution, I've followed but with no luck, and don't know if this is the right direction.

2) Sometimes a content type will reference other documents. It's not productive for the customer to be forced to introduce firstly all referenced products and later introduce the first content, having to search referenced contents to associate them. It would ideal that could be introduced once (document type and referenced documents), that is, again with a UI component (component-generator) that uploads many referenced documents that will be associated to the content being introduced. With this question, don't know which is the direction.

Any help in implementing these questions would be appreciated.