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Using http session Id to authenticate to web services

Question asked by pucfg1 on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2011 by flopez
Hi all,

I need to achieve the following scenario in Alfresco Share:
1. The user logs to Alfresco Share(using login and password),
2. The user creates a document and adds binary content to the document,
3. The user converts(using a java applet) the document content(my special conversion) and stores the modified version in a custom aspect property of type d:content
- the java applet needs to be called from a custom document action,
- the java applet uses Alfresco web services to read and store converted content,
- the user is supposed to insert his login and password only once(when logging to Share)

So I can`t use the user password or ticket to authenticate from an applet to web services.
In my opinion the best solution is to use an existing http session Id to authenticate from a java applet to Alfresco web services.

How can I achieve this?
Do I have to write custom authentication class and add it to alfresco?

Thanks in advance