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Is Alfresco going to support OAuth for webscripts?

Question asked by dgildeh on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2010 by munter

We're a cloud software provider using Alfresco as our backend. Alfresco webscripts are fantastic for quickly developing REST APIs that other developers can use to extend our application and service. However one major drawback right now is the lack of OAuth support in the Alfresco Webscript architecture. This is essential if the REST APIs are going to integrate with other cloud services and even with internal Enterprise serivices (as the standard is making traction there) but I can't find anything on the Roadmap specifically around this even though I know this has been mentioned a few times by the guys we know in Alfresco.

Are there any plans to add OAuth into the Q2 2011 release early next year? I noticed that it mentions an update of the Spring security framework to support protocols like OpenID - while this is welcome as well, we would really like to see an implementation of OAuth there also.