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Best versioning practices

Question asked by bengrah on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by bengrah
Hi all.

Recently we ran into a snafu with regards to versioning. In our previous CMS we have automatic versioning set up so that every single document in the repo is versioned. With Alfresco, we wanted to recreate that same functionality. So at the Company Home level, we set up a rule that automatically versioned everything that entered the Company Home folder, then Reapplied the Rule to all Subfolders and Children. But when we restarted Alfresco, we ran into an issue where Alfresco is trying to append an aspect to something that can't be versioned.

So I'm just wanting to know does anyone have a good practice when it comes to versioning? My main worry is that we would've ran into this issue at some point down then line anyway. We've been recommended to just use the rule if we have to, on the single folder that needs it. Opposed to putting it at a higher level. But in the future that folder may have a deeper structure, and this versioning rule may change. It'd just be interesting to hear what others have done when it comes to this and if you've ran into any problems with it.