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Problem moving Enterprise 3.1 from one machine to another

Question asked by iblanco on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by iblanco
We want to move an Alfresco Enterprise Installation from one machine to another.

We have stopped Alfresco, dumped the database to a new database, copied de alf_data directory to another place, configured tomcat and started tomcat in the new machine.

As soon as it boots alfresco tries to upgrade the schema starting to "upgrade to 2.2" which obviously is a nonsense. Does anyone undertstand why ?

The old machine was running tomcat5.5 and this one is running tomca6 but I think the configuration is correct because if I start tomcat6 with an empty DB and empty alf_data it just creates everything from scratch and works.

I've trie disabling patches just by empty-ing the patch lists in bootstrap-context.xml but it seems as if there were still some remaining patches somewhere.