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how to export spaces(include its subspace) as tree structure

Question asked by andyzhuangyy on Nov 10, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by andyzhuangyy
how to export spaces(include its subspace) the same structure as it shows in the system .

The default 'export' is excuted as you do:
1. get into a space which you have permission to CURD.
2.more actions-view details-export
3.fill in the blanks,choose the destination, ok.

the space you just select has been exported.

but the format is the .acp. Although it is a zip file, the content in it is performed as content1.*,content2.*…

And now I want to export the spaces as its original structure, the "folder-directory".

how to modify the java source code ?

I think there should be an option or an argument to influence this process.