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JLAN FTP Disk Shares

Question asked by dagomar on Nov 10, 2010
I'm using JLAN to deploy a FTP Server. I have been testing different configurations, but I couldn't limit the virtual file system using the option "size" in the element "shares" in configuration file jlanConfig.xml.

    <diskshare name="storage" comment="Test share">
      <size totalSize="200M" freeSize="200M"/>

I even tried using an implementation of the optional interface DiskSizeInterface, but FTP Server continues ignoring size specified in the configuration file.

Have I missed any configuration parameter?

I wan to implement a Virtual File System to use Amazon S3 using DiskInterface and jetS3t, but I have some doubts about the implementation of a few methods (for example flushfile) I think I must implement a cache in the localhost to be able to use S3. Do you know any work similar to this to use as reference. The only example of disk implementation is the one included in sources.

Thanks in advance for your help.