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Hot backup - JMX question

Question asked by piercehanley on Nov 10, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2010 by mrogers

We're running Alfresco CE 3.2, possibly soon to upgrade to 3.4, and we're trying to set up a hot backup.  I understand everything at, except for the JMX portion.  I'm not particularly familiar with JMX usage, but we don't seem to have access to Alfresco/Schedule/DEFAULT/MonitoredCronTrigger/indexBackupTrigger/Operations from jconsole.  Is hot backup an EE-only feature?  Moreover, how do people typically do this from the command line?

I ask because we'd like to manage our hot backup as one continuous process running from the shell.  I know that the lucene index backup occurs automatically at 3am, but I don't feel comfortable making assumptions about how long that will take and possibly getting a corrupted copy of backup-lucene-indexes if our filesystem copy happens during Alfresco's scheduled job.  I'd much prefer to explicitly tell Alfresco to back them up and wait for it to finish before moving on to the DB backup and filesystem copy.

Any guidance here would be appreciated!