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Removing The Word 'Site'

Question asked by alex_fresco on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2010 by alex_fresco
Hi There,
This might be utterly random to you folks and perhaps even trivial but I'm totally new and it's a little conundrum which I face:
I work in an integrated agency, sometimes we do web projects; sites etc and sometimes just graphics whereby we are just sending things to clients then getting approval and then sending to print, or even it's very wide spanning pitches. Web projects are big and have hundreds of active files but the workflow is really quite similar to print or even video for that matter, just.. minus all of the deployment aspect and of course, the code. There are graphics, content deliverables, the same approval process, text content etc.
Is there any conceivable way to get rid of the word 'Sites' and replace it with 'Projects' or would I have to somehow hack a language pack to do so? I just think that the flexibility of the Share platform is so great that by calling things 'Sites' all the time, it's kind of limiting.

Any thoughts?