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Forms filters - Calculated fields

Question asked by matjazmuhic on Nov 12, 2010
Wiki says this about forms filters: "… calculated fields could be added after the default set of fields have been processed …". So if I understand corectly, I can add additional fields to form after it has been submited?

I will probably have to override edit metadata "pop-up" dialog for one project. I have a problem where I want to edit metadata of a certain custom type of content (with custom form) then after submit, I want those fields to save and I dont want the dialog to close. On update rule will trigger, adding an aspect to the document. Which aspect will be added will depend on one field (let's call it "my:decision"). Now I want to show additional fields for added aspects properties while the dialog is still opened. Another click on save will save those properties and close the dialog.

Is that possible?