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How to audit user activities in WCM?

Question asked by chintanparekh on Nov 13, 2010
Dear All,

              Hi  I am working on Alfresco 3.3g Community Edition since last 3 months . I have installed it and it is working accurately as per my requirement. But now I want to Trace/Audit some of the activities performed by my collegues on the daily basis which are as follows :

Issues :

1 . How to audit the user who created the space or content in the Site->Document Library in Share.
2 .  How to audit which user has viewed the particular content.

Note :

1 . I am using the Record Management Console to view the history of the user logged in or failed to logged in. Hence it would be better if I would be able to get above trace in the same Management Console if possible.

                         I would be very great full if any one can help me as early as possible.

*** I had successfully disabled the download and other action in Alfresco Share so it would be pleasure to help any one for the same.

Thanks & Regards,
Chintan C Parekh,
Software Developer