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Association control and startLocation

Question asked by orichaud on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by orichaud
In my form, I have a field which refers to an association. When using the picker, I I need to select documents in a specific space and for this I need to change the parentNodeRef parameter.
I read the wiki (see and found that I can define the startLocation parameter. I passed an XPath expression. But it had no effect.  Unfortunately, looking at association.ftl, this is hardcoded to "alfreco://company/home".

Finally, I have started to provide a custom form as described here: I copied association.ftl and tried to change the parentNodeRef. But I was not successful and an Xpath expression like
led to an error.
It seems that workspace://<ANY NODE REF> works, but I cannot hard code the reference and must rely on a logical name, thus an expression. I wonder which service I could invoke to convert the xpath expression into a valid node reference.

Any help would be appreciated.