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Remove admin permission

Question asked by felipei2k on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2010 by repattila

Am cotumizing an Alfresco 3.4a, and i got a problem. It is possible to remove permission to an admin user?
I need to save document in Alfresco, but only some user car read it. And i need that the admin user could not read this documents.
I had tried something like:
document.removePermission("All", "ROLE_OWNER");
document.removePermission("Consumer", "GROUP_EVERYONE");

But, it give me this error when im creating the document: 10150010 Failed to execute script 'workspace://SpacesStore/5bdd7565-8858-4d4a-8534-01c07678e635': Can not delete from this acl in a node context SHARED.

By the way, am creating the document with admin user.

Thanks a lot!