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Advanced Search for Custom Aspects

Question asked by bnordgren on Nov 15, 2010
I've loaded 3.4.b on my laptop to perform "trial upgrades" for our website. Now I'm playing with the new features, specifically the long awaited advanced search.

Up till now, I've been crossing my fingers and hoping that the features listed on this other forum topic would make it in. Particularly interesting are:

  1. The ability to search against a particluar type and the ability to to include or exclude sub-types.

  2. Custom properties only to be displayed for a selected type.

  3. The abilty to search against a particluar aspect.

  4. Custom properties only to be displayed for a selected aspect.

I played with the advanced search a bit, then found this wiki page. Correct me if I'm wrong (PLEASE!), but it appears that model developers must code search forms separately for each combination of properties which it is possible to display, and users have no runtime control over which properties are visible (other than to select one of the predefined forms).

Is that correct? If so, it would seem to go against the philosophy of using "aspects". Model developers should be able to define which form controls go with which fields in an aspect, and these should either be displayed or not based on the user's preferences at runtime. But the definition of how to present an aspects data items to the user should be centralized.

I'll give this a couple of days before I enter a feature request in Jira, just in case I missed something in front of my nose.