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Sharepoint Protocol and 3.4.x

Question asked by ebogaard on Nov 16, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2010 by ebogaard
We'd like to upgrade from 3.3g to 3.4b (or 3.4a), because of a number of bugs in 3.3g we keep running into.
3.4.b looks very good and passes most of our tests, but we encounter one big problem that blocks our upgrade ambitions: Sharepoint Protocol doesn't seem to work.
We can connect to the server and get asked to login. After I enter this information and press "enter", I expect to see the list of Sites. But in 3.4.a as well as in 3.4.b. Word 2003 gives the error "Cannot find <URL>" (We use the Dutch version of Office, so the English translation may be different).

The configuration voor SPP is as follows in

We use NTLM passthru to log in.
In 3.3g the SPP works without a problem.