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Is there an OOTB Aprove-Reject workflow that sends emails?

Question asked by talking_bear on Nov 16, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2010 by talking_bear
hello evbody

i read posts and did my homework. i am a newbie. the question is short:

are the OOTB Aprove/Review workflows supposed to send mails or should i add that myself? i am unsure if i am doing something wrong or the functionality is really not present.
the mails should say smth similar to the ones in the invitation template:
press this link to aprove …
press the other link to decline/reject …

before u ask: the system is sending mails correctly on other events (invitations for ex)

installation: 3.4a on centos 5.5

i also have a 3.2 installed on another centos for lab reasons but planning to bring everything to 3.4

i thank you an awful lot