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Auditing in 3.4b

Question asked by flopez on Nov 16, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2010 by derek

We had activated and used some of the Auditing services provided for Alfresco in 3.3g and below. The Wiki for the new Audit mechanism described in mentions that pretty much all changed, may be due to our lack of knowledge, but we have found the Wiki hard to follow, and we have a couple of specific questions we would hope someone can answer, our work is currently stuck because of this, help would be gladly appreciated.

1. Is adding the line audit.enabled=true this to the file enough to activate full auditing?
2. Where do we add this line ? wiki doensn't mention the file.
3. When activated, all auditing information is stored in the tables alf_audit_model,  alf_audit_application alf_audit_entry and alf_prop_root ? (we aren't getting any information recorded here on 3.4) alf_activity_feed is ipart of this set of tables?
4. What mechanisms are available to read and display this information in Share? (we've seen templates for Explorer but not for Share) the way to construct such mechanism is webscripts or plan sql?
5. From Java, the way on accesing this audit information is the use of the API "AuditService - AuditServiceImpl"? if so, are there examples of this?

We apologize if our questions seems trivial and show up our lack o understanding of the Alfresco architectrure which we are learning, but we need help on continuing our work with understanding and activating this Auditing available in 3.4.