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Content Transformation in 3.4b

Question asked by flopez on Nov 16, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2010 by alexander

We've been trying to work out our out content transformations for Alfresco Share 3.4b, as seen in the wiki so far we have manage to understand most of what's described there, such as how a descriptor of the new transformation is defined, we have tested our transformation commands with ffmpeg.exe correctly as a stand alone, checking correct mimetypes and how rules are used to call this transformations, but due probably to our lack of knowledge of the Alfresco architecture as a whole we have empty spaces, missing steps in what the Wiki describes, we would appreciate some help here, since we are learning alfresco, but we've found ourselves in a point where we are stuck. We basically want to create a new action(rule) to be used in share that calls our own transformation (avi to flv with ffmpeg), the steps we think are required to do this are the following,

1. Create Transormation. Basically define the xml files that describe the new transformation and register it so that the Alfresco core understands it.
- How do we activate it? or verify it's working and registered?
- Where do we place ffmpeg.exe? or where do we configure the transformation to look for it?
2. Associate action/rule to use it . coniguring mimetype to use the rule
- How do we add cofigure the new transformation to the "Transform and copy content" list of available transformations?
- How do we call our "code" from this action?

I know our questions may seem very broad, and we apologize for our lack of knowledge which may be the main reason of these questions, but we would appreciate help on focusing our questions (and error corrections) on the right way, what steps are we missing, what examples are there available for the 2 points described above, and example of a fully new transformation would be great for us to understand.

Thanks in advance