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3.4.b integrate with Liferay Portlets

Question asked by dblessing on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2011 by excitedbynoise
I cannot seem to get the Alfresco portlets to work in Liferay.  I am using Alfresco Community version 3.4.b and Liferay 6 (I have also tried Liferay 5.x with exact same results)

I have followed all kinds of instructions, but the latest one I was trying was here:
I am attempting this all on the same server running in one instance of Tomcat.

I says to add the endpoint configurations to share-config-custom.xml (I did exactly as shown in the wiki) and to add the authentication elements to (the auth elements shown in that wiki page are slightly wrong, but I didn't type them like that).  I used:


Liferay and Alfresco all start up fine, with no errors in the logs.  The portlets deploy successfully and are available to be added to Liferay pages.  I also know it's communicating with my Alfresco server, because if you add the portlets to the front page of Liferay and aren't logged in, it displays a splash page that says Please login to your portal, or something like that.  The error occurs when I login to Liferay.  The portlets all display "Porlet is unavailable at this time" and the logs show:
04:16:49,670 ERROR [jsp:154] Unable to retrieve user from repository

I'm guessing that either my endpoints are correct, or I'm missing some little configuration.  My endpoints all reference localhost:8080 as that is where my Alfresco is deployed.

Can anyone offer me some help?  If you need more information or more from logs, please let me know.  It would be amazing to finally figure out what I'm doing wrong.