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Store Transactions and Performance (FTP+CIFS)

Question asked by lessrandom on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2011 by norbertveenbrink

we plan to use alfresco as a media store and have large amounts of files transferred via cifs and ftp.
unfortunately our tests show a rather bad performance using these protocols.
i tried to find out what is the reason for this and used a profiling tool to find the methods using most of the cpu time.

we tested this by transferring a directory with many 100k sized files, comparing it to other protocols.
ftp was around 6s
ftp to alfresco 60s (which is more like scp  oerformance)

a lot of time is consumed in the AlfrescoDiskDriver, in the methods
within closeFile it's
doInWriteTransaction and RetryingTransactionManager.

so here comes my question:
Is there a way to improve this?
Is it necessary for each ftp'ed file?
Is there a way to make tranbsactions more responsive for cifs and ftp?

kind regards