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write to the log file

Question asked by forumwebuser on Nov 18, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2010 by forumwebuser

Im working with two alfresco environments: windows desktop and ubuntu server.

I have developed some components and, for debugging reasons im writing to the console. I can use this on the windows machine because in windows Im running alfresco using the bat file (console mode). However, as far as I know, I cant do this in ubuntu.

So, instead of writing to the console, I tried to write to the log file using log4j. First in each component I create a log4j object and I set the message like info and debugging. Then I set something like this in the  log4j.propertiesfile: -> in order to log the info entries

or -> in order to log the debugging entries

Note that "" is exactly the path Im using in the organization of my classes in eclipse.

I then restarted alfresco. However, I cant see any log written to the catalina log file…

Am I missing something?

thank you