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alfrescoOpenOffice missing (Windows)

Question asked by drwho on Nov 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2011 by applening
This is a new installation.  I used the standard windows installer and accepted the default options,  including OpenOffice. 

The folder c:\alfresco\openoffice is present

The documentation at states that I should see three services:

    * alfrescoMySQL
    * alfrescoOpenOffice
    * alfrescoTomcat

- But alfrescoOpenOffice is not listed under windows services.  The other two are present and started.

Can anyone comment on this?

I don't know if this is related,  but although I can see document previes for pdf,  .doc and .docx show "This document can't be previewed."

Apart from that,  everything appears to be working and looks great except email inbound and outbound which appears to be a slightly tricky post-install config issue.