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Web Script timeout ?

Question asked by dynamolalit on Nov 22, 2010

I have created a dashlet which has a link to get total content in repository on dashboard of admin. On click of link, I am invoking a javascript based web script which returns total content in repository using lucene search & as per content attributes, i am segregating content & displays as per attributes finally on a jsp using web script model mechanism.

Initially it was OK but as repository grew larger ~10K contents, it takes longer time & then finally i get timeout on alfresco explorer. But on checking on server console,i can see that web script has been invoked & results are getting displayed on server console but timeout on explorer without any error giving some network error message which i am sure is about timeout only.

I am not getting into it on how to handle the issue. Session time is set to 30 minutes. Can anyone help me here on what is real issue.