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Registering a namespace using JCR

Question asked by dnatarajan on Nov 22, 2010
Hi -

I'm trying to register a namespace using the following API :

e.g :
workspace.getNamespaceRegistry().registerNamespace("ora", "");

I get an UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException. I have logged into the Repository (as I am able to add nodes of type cm:content).

Looking at the source code for RepositoryImpl - I see the local nameSpaceRegistry(false,…) initialization which means allowRegistration would be false - and getNamespaceRegistry gets session.getRepositoryImpl().getNamespaceRegistry() which I think (on a quick glance) would return a namespaceRegistry with allowRegistration to false. I am probably interpreting this wrong - so this is just a hint.

The workspace is obtained from a valid Session. I am using JCR/RMI with Alfresco Enterprise 3.3 on WebLogic.

Could anyone please help?