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Surf app layout

Question asked by olga.k on Nov 23, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2011 by chris1313

I am trying to build out a website as a surf app.   I have developed the webscripts that will be called by page components.  The next step for me would be to define pages and template instances to build up the webapp as a surf app.  Can anyone tell me where I should put these items within the webapp.  Appart from putting them into the webapp folder structure do I need to wire them into the webapp with any config files?

I have followed Erik Winlof's Spring Surf Development#1 tutorial ( and got the structure for web scripts ${path_to_the_webapp}/WEB-INF/classes/webscripts/com/safari.  I want to keep using the mvn project defined by this tutorial but cant figure out where to put the surf pages etc as stated above.