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Adding metadata to a PDF or Word when downloading a document

Question asked by magnusfs on Nov 23, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2010 by magnusfs
Hello everyone.

I have a for us very important question regarding Alfresco Share. I have for weeks tried looking for solutions in the forum, but I suspect I may use the wrong keywords to answer my question…

What I would like Alfresco to do is to extract certain metadata that is defined after it is uploaded, to a PDF or Word document when it is downloaded (and then printed).

This could e.g. be the version number with related information and document type. The reasons is that we are using it as a document management system and we want to go for a ISO 9001 certification, and with this in mind it is important that we specify on the document the version number and some other information.

We could of course add this manually when we upload the new document, however it would be an even more practical solution if Alfresco could at this when it is downloaded.