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Alferso Shared Drive Mapping

Question asked by baskar on Nov 23, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2010 by stevegreenbaum
Hi All,

I am new to Alfresco. I am trying Alfresco for Document management. I have installed Alfresco in Redhat Linux machine. I have gone through Alfresco documentation PDF.

I have 2 question Please clear my doubt:

1] When i try to map my share drive in windows machine through this path \\linuxfoss\Alfresco\Uuser Home\Tech\ it ask password for Guest user, but if i give password i cant able to login in guest account. How can i continue future, Please help me.

2] For mapping share drive if i add A to the Hostname i get a error message that network path \\linuxfossA\Alfresco\User Home\Tech\ not found.

How can i add the share in windows. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Baskar N