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No user CIFS access to RM documentLibrary

Question asked by mathgallant on Nov 23, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2010 by mathgallant

Using Alfresco 3.3g with RM module. I cannot get "Records Management User"s to be granted access to the rm site documentLibrary. Actually, I can't get anyone who is not an Alfresco Administrator to be granted access to it. I am focusing on the "Records Management User" group for now.

I have found references on the boards that suggested that I need to add the RM group (the "Records Management User" in my case) to the rm site (as a consumer, again in my case), that didn't help (my user was a member). I also added specific users to the permission option of the series in the file plan (read-only in my case), didn't help either. I then tried to add the user as a consumer to the site, which also didn't help. Any combination of the above does not help.

Things I find odd which may indicate a problem to the trained eye :
- The User Rights Report in the Records Management Console says that there are no groups available
- Seems I only need to add my user to the "Records Management User" in Alfresco Explorer in order to be able to browse the File Plan with proper access rights. No need to join the site and no need to add a user or group to the site either. Just add the user to the "Records Management User" group and grant access to that user to the specified item in the file plan. (this is odd in the sense that it indicates that things should work fine)
- I cannot add groups in the permission option of an item in the File Plan (only users show up)
- If I am not a member of any Record Management Group, the documentLibrary link in CIFS does not show up (as expected, so it does seem like groups are taken into account).
- Alfresco Share Sites documentLibrary work just fine.

When I get denied access in CIFS, I get nothing in the logs.

I really don't know what the problem could be.

Thanks for any help.