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Activities atomfeed question

Question asked by dindras on Nov 24, 2010
Good day,

I use feeds for monitoring activities at share site (A3.3g), e.g. link is:

I would like to check the possibility to receive full text of comments when they are created or modified (not just title).
So far I found the templates involved are located at classes/alfresco/templates/activities/org/alfresco/comments/

Default comment-created.atomentry.ftl file contains:
<#include "../slingshot-common.lib.ftl">
<entry xmlns=''>
   <title>Comment added to ${(htmlTitle!'')?html?xml}</title>
   <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="" />
   <summary type="html">
      <![CDATA[&quot;${htmlTitle}&quot; commented on by ${userName?html}.]]>
I am not strong at Alfresco data models structure, so maybe someone could point me to the right direction where can I find the description of the context in which this template operates, so I could add the proper data models properties, maybe ${content} or similar (should I look in classes/alfresco/model/ ?)