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file name as a key to upload

Question asked by forumwebuser on Nov 24, 2010
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Can someone explain me what is the impact of the names of the files in an alfresco repository?
I created a simple workspace with a simple model. In my model I have some indexes/fields. In nowhere in this model I make a reference to the file name of the files I will upload as a field/index/key of my model .

However, if I upload for the second time a file with the same file name, even if one of the indexes is different, alfresco will throw an error saying that the file name already exists. It seems that alfresco is saving the file to a file system directory without applying a internal name to it…

I would like to be able to have documents with the same name in the same workspace, and control if the document exists only using my own indexes/fields.

Is this possible?

thank you